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Ward of threats with our
Smart Home Alarm Systems

Protecting your home is of the highest priority. Early detection of potential physical threats will contribute immensely to safeguarding your loved ones and assets.

At ICDATT Ghana, we offer a wide range of security products, which will help you do just that. From detectors and sensors to alert systems, our Smart Home Alarm systems can provide you holistic solutions to strengthen your security.

Some of Our Features you would Love

Super Easy Installation

Limited technical knowledge is required to install our devices. Just follow the simple instructions in manual

Long Lasting Batteries

Our devices come with advanced Lithium batteries designed to last over 2years before a need for replacement.

Designed to be Invincible

Our devices when installed are designed to be invincible, not easily detected by intruders

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Our team of security experts are on ground 24/7 ready to respond to any alert

Products to Secure Every Door, Window and Perimeter

Have rest of mind knowing that every door, window and perimeter within your home is protected from unwanted intruders. The Alarm is triggered and notification sent to your phone once an intruder is detected, even if the door or window is partially open or closed, locked or unlocked.

How it Works

Step 1: Get a Survey

Our team of security experts visits your property to identify and evaluate the security needs and then proposes a security architecture

Step 2: Purchase and Install

Products recommended from the survey are purchased and installed.  Installation can be done by us at a fee or you do it yourself, it’s super easy.

Step 3: Relax, Stay Protected

With ICDATT alarm system in place, you can now relax knowing everything is secured with 24/7 monitoring and alert notifications

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What our happy clients are saying

ICDATT Ghana is the best company I’ve ever dealt with. They offer a wide range of security products, which will help you do just that. From detectors and sensors to alert systems, our Smart Solutions will keep your home protected and secure. The showroom is well-stocked with all the latest offerings, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for

Michael Koffi

Michael KoffiCustomer - Netflix

ICDATT Ghana is the best company I have ever dealt with. I have been in the security field for over 10 years, and never truly felt like my safety was at risk. When I found out about the products offered by ICDATT Ghana for a fraction of what it usually costs, I knew it was time to make the switch. With the wide range of smart

Clinton James

Clinton JamesCustomer

ICDATT Ghana is the perfect example of a company that knows what it’s doing. I bought their product, the smart security system, because it seemed like the most reliable option in my price range and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s easy to use, has all necessary features and has never let me down. You should definitely give them a try if

Shaw Jeff

Shaw JeffCustomer

Customer satisfaction.

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